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Three Elected to IBPSIA Board of Directors

ARLINGTON, Texas – Three candidates were elected to the IBPSIA Board of Directors on Thursday, November 8 by the current board. Cliff Barnes, Jason Guest and Peter Somoff were chosen from a slate of six candidates. Current members Daniel Puerto and Jackie Wyckoff were also reelected. They will each serve a three year term beginning on January 1, 2019. Barnes hails from Spring Hill, Fla., and is the owner of BowlersMart, whose holdings include 55 pro shops in fourteen states. Cliff is a Certified Bronze Coach and former product specialist and pro shop technician for Ebonite International. “Because of my bowling experience, I have learned skills such as honor, sportsmanship, integrity, teamwork, and self-confidence” said Barnes. “While I have developed to be a better bowler through the years, I have also become a better person and made thousands of great friends. My passion has also become my career
and I am hoping I can share my experience.” Guest brings his talents from Des Moines, Iowa to the board. He is a Certified Bronze Coach and an IBPSIA Certified Technician. He has been in the pro shop business since 1997 when he opened his first Bowlers Connection Pro Shop. Jason formerly worked for Brunswick as a product specialist and pro shop technician and has been instrumental in the creation of KR Strikeforce line of bowling footwear. “My passion is shoes” said Guest. “I love the pro shop business and know that a comfortable living can be made from it and want to share that knowledge with the whole pro shop world.” Somoff may claim Peter Somoff’s Pro Shop in Tacoma, Wash. as home base, but more often will be found on another continent, as Storm Bowling Products International Technical Representative for Europe and Africa. Peter is a Certified Gold Coach, IBPSIA Advanced Technician and HOTS Instructor who has taught all over the globe. He said “My vision for IBPSIA is to see more international certified pro shops.” He was one of the original people involved with Storm Products Inc., hosting the first Storm Seminar, being a ball tester, and representing Storm in the international and domestic market.

Daniel Puerto, Best Bowling Pro Shops in the St. Louis area is serving his second three year term on the IBPSIA Board. Jackie Wyckoff, who recently passed the Master Technician Class will begin her second year, having been appointed to the board in 2018.

Vice President Jordan Vanover and Past President, David Bolt have termed out on the board, having served six years each. Both may reapply to the board in 2020.

“The slate of candidates who applied for the IBPSIA board this year was outstanding” said IBPSIA president, Tom Zernia. “It made the job of selecting only three out of the six nominees a very difficult one. In the end, we feel we chose the candidates most qualified and whose expertise will fit in well with the current board. The three excellent candidates not selected will serve on a committee for 2019 and hopefully, reapply for 2020.”

Barnes, Guest, Puerto, Somoff and Wyckoff will join those currently on the IBPSIA Board, which includes president, Tom Zernia, Steve Barinque and Dwayne DaMoude along with executive director, Bill Supper.