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Profit & Loss Statement

28% of small businesses owners said the biggest challenge they would face over the next few months is cash flow. There are several forms like a balance sheet, cash flow statement, and profit and loss statement that can give you different views of your business’ cash flow and in turn, clearer insights into its financial health. A profit and loss statement or a P&L statement is a financial report that shows the amount of profit or loss your business has experienced over a specific amount of time. This time could be a month, fiscal quarter, or year.

What’s included in a profit and loss statement?

  • Income
  • Cost of goods sold
  • Expenses
  • Other income and expenses
  • Net income

Every business will have a slightly different P&L statement depending on type of business and time period of the report. Whether your business is profitable, or operating at a loss, this statement can help you make decisions about how to better position your business moving forward.