International Bowling Pro Shop & Instructors Association​

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In the mean time, below is a preview of what you will learn!

Upon completing this Module, Technicians will be able to determine span, pitch, hole size and shape, fitting terminology and creative thinking.

Upon completing this Module, Technicians will be able to drill the same “fit” repeatedly within acceptable tolerances.

Understanding the forces that the bowler creates and how they, along with friction, influence ball motion.

Understanding ball properties, and how they play a part in ball motion.

Understanding how ball layout can affect motion, and how to accomplish layout on modern bowling balls with reference to the bowlers positive axis point.

Implement a comprehensive plan that will allow you to maximize
your profits and minimize your pain.

Testing Procedure

To take the IBPSIA Pro Shop Technical Training Course Test just click on a Lesson Module for review in the list on the left and that module will open for viewing.

Once inside each module you will be able to view the slides in the window or in full-screen mode.

You can manually advance forward or go backward by clicking on the arrow to forward and/or go back.

When you have completed your review of the training materials you can take the Final exam for $TBD testing fee.

Testing Details Coming Soon!