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IBPSIA Spotlight – Jeff McCorvey

IBPSIA Spotlight

Jeff McCorvey, CEO of Bowling World October 2022

By Matt Cannizzaro and Josh Blanchard

Arlington Texas

Another month has gone by, and we’re excited about the opportunity to turn the spotlight on bowling-industry journeyman, Jeff McCorvey, a trailblazer and innovator in an ever-changing landscape.

If you asked someone 30 years ago if it was possible to own more than a few pro shops, you would have heard an astounding NO.

With the help of the internet and having everything at the tip of your fingers, this has become possible. Not many do it better than McCorvey.

He and his team have put together one of the largest chains of pro shops in the world, with over 50 locations across more than a dozen states, but their reach really is limitless, thanks to their groundbreaking website,

The first Bowling World location opened in Huntsville, Alabama, in 1984, and McCorvey became a charter member of IBPSIA in 1991. He continues to provide value to the industry through his teachings and desire to improve his business.

Bowling World also boasts the largest staff of IBPSIA-certified ball drillers and USBC-certified coaches in the southeast United States, a contingent that continues to grow each year.

Beyond the drill press, McCorvey has made a name for himself as a dedicated competitor, team captain and coach.

He made 33 appearances at the United States Bowling Congress Open Championships from 1979-2014, averaging more than 192, and while he hasn’t personally competed on the sport’s biggest stage in recent years, he continues to organize 10 teams of bowlers who get to enjoy the ultimate bowling experience annually.

In 2003, McCorvey was inducted into the Alabama State USBC Hall of Fame for superior performance. He also is a member of the Huntsville USBC Hall of Fame.

As a coach, McCorvey was a key contributor in the creation of the women’s bowling program at Alabama A&M University, where he served coaching roles from 1998-2014 and helped the Bulldogs to a pair of Southwestern Athletic Conference titles (2007, 2010) and a runner-up finish at the NCAA Bowling Championship (2006).

We sat down and chatted with Jeff to see what drove him to get to where he is today.

Q: What does being an IBSPIA member mean to your business?|
JM: It helps to validate my credentials and leads to greater consumer confidence in me and my business. Virtually every service business has some type of certification.

Q: What is your favorite part of being in the bowling industry?
JM: I don’t have to wear a tie.

Q: In your free time outside of bowling, what hobbies to you enjoy?
: Hiking, biking, skiing, Taekwondo and golfing.

Q: In your opinion, what is the best tool invented that has moved the pro shop industry forward and helped you most in your line of work?
MB: The Haus (Resurfacing) Machine.

*For those who may be unfamiliar, this machine offers a motorized and nearly hands-free alternative to traditional ball resurfacing, which normal would be done manually by pro shop staff.

Q: What is one tip you can give future bowling coaches/instructors that can help them become better?|JM: Use your ears more than your mouth.

McCorvey certainly has lived this mantra, while enjoying a career that may feature few words but includes an amazing track record of service, consistency and success.

He also left us with this quote:

“Owning your own business isn’t hard, but it is not for lazy people. Work hard, and treat people the way you want to be treated, and you will succeed.”

We want to thank Jeff for taking the time to sit down and share some of his personal insights and keys to success – both in business and in life.

If you want to learn more about McCorvey and the Bowling World chain of pro shops, you can visit his website at

We are proud of our members and encourage them all to work together to share knowledge. It will help make their businesses AND the industry stronger.