International Bowling Pro Shop & Instructors Association​

IBPSIA Logo Usage Rules

Acceptable use of the IBPSIA Logo Defined

In order to uphold the consistency and professionalism of IBPSIA Member shops and Associates, it is imperative that these standards are followed at all times. Logos appearing in this guide may not be altered in any way. These guidelines must be consulted during the design of any IBPSIA Pro Shop related materials. The images shown on this guide are not suitable for reproduction in any form.

You may download the high resolution logo’s below to use. If you are printing a very large banner and need a super high resolution logo file or a vector file please contact You will need your member ID number. If you do not know your member ID number, contact IBPSIA at (800) 659-9444.

(.jpg format – white background)

(.png format – transparent background)

Logo Colors

Minimum Size Requirements

A two inch (2”) minimum is required on all embroidery renditions of the IBPSIA logos, and a 3/8” minimum for all printed materials.

Logo Variation

The IBPSIA Logo may be modified to a vertical format for use on shirt sleeves or other areas where the preferred horizontal format will not meet the clear space/safety zone requirement.


The IBPSIA logo MUST NOT BE SCALED in any way that distorts any element of the artwork. All scaling should be uniform across the length and width of the logo.

Clear Space/Safety Zone

Adherence to clear space/safety zone standards provides a consistent look to the IBPSIA logo and protects the proprietary nature of the IBPSIA logo and is used to defend against unauthorized application. A minimum distance of 15px is required between the IBPSIA logo and all other graphic elements. To determine the distance:
Draw a box around the complete IBPSIA logo.

Draw a second larger box with sides that are one measurement unit from the inner box.

Due to the vertical shape of the IBPSIA bowler, only one half of the measurement unit is necessary at the top of the primary and secondary marks.
No graphic elements may fall within this clear space.