International Bowling Pro Shop & Instructors Association​


You Completed the HOTS Technical Certification Exam!


Congratulations on completing the 74-question test for the International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association (IBPSIA)!

Now that you have successfully finished the test, you can expect to receive an additional email soon. This email will assign you a Test-out Tech who will guide you through a hands-on operational test. During this session, your Test-out Tech will also review any areas where you may have shown weaknesses in your initial written test.

Upon completion of the hands-on test, you will be awarded an IBPSIA technician, graduate plaque. This plaque is not just a token of your achievement but also serves as a platform for your ongoing professional development. It includes spaces to commemorate your continuing education milestones and signifies your journey towards becoming a Master Technician. Achieving this status will enable you to purchase both the PBA and the PWBA Master Technician Professional memberships.

Your dedication to excellence is commendable. We value your input and encourage you to share any suggestions you may have for continuing education programs that could benefit our community. Please send your ideas to

Once again, congratulations on your accomplishment, and we look forward to assisting you further in your professional journey.

Best regards,
Teri Haugh
Executive Director
International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association