International Bowling Pro Shop & Instructors Association​

Jayhawk Bowling Supply

Jayhawk Pro Shop Training Class

IBPSIA Certified

Join Jayhawk Bowling’s IBPSIA Accredited Pro Shop Training Class to enhance your pro shop skills with expert training in ball drilling, fitting techniques and more. Gain invaluable experience with our hands-on approach and earn the prestigious IBPSIA certification that sets you apart as a highly qualified professional.

All students will receive a training manual and a Plaque showing their completion of the class. For more information on what is included with the class and available dates, click the link above:

The course topics to be covered include:

  • Proper Fitting Techniques
  • Bowling Ball Layout
  • Drilling Instructions
  • Ball Resurfacing and Refinishing
  • Bowling Ball Plugging
  • Ball weighing