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Creating The Difference

“Creating The Difference” specializes in products and services related to tenpin bowling. They are well-known in the bowling industry for their innovative solutions, products, and educational content designed to help bowlers improve their game and optimize their equipment.

Company CEO Ronald Hickland Jr also has a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). He utilizes bowling as a way to show STEM in action and make it relatable and entertaining for both students and teachers. Through demonstrations and experiments, Hickland is Creating the Difference in STEM by reaching students who would otherwise not be engaged in the subject.Creating the Difference was founded in May 2015. We set out to help improve the sport of bowling one bowler at a time. Through coaching and interaction, we are creating a movement in the bowling industry to spread our passion for bowling. We strive to set an example for positivity to help grow the sport and the players.

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