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12 Ways to Christmas

By Craig Spencer 1 Mindset We are fortunate to be in a business where another business (the bowling center) brings us many of our customers. This can lull us into the habit of only servicing customers as they walk through the door, and sometimes forgetting to invest time and energy into driving more revenue. There […]

IBPSIA Spotlight – Chuck Gardner

Chuck Gardner

Chuck Gardner with Bowl4Life Scholarship Foundation September 2022 By Matt Cannizzaro and Josh Blanchard In September, we continue our monthly spotlights with Chuck Gardner and the Bowl4Life Scholarship Foundation. Gardner has been involved in the industry for more than 40 years and served many roles. Most recently, scaling back his time as a ball representative […]

Peter Somoff Named IBPSIA President

Peter Somoff

By Matt Cannizzaro ARLINGTON, Texas – Peter Somoff of Federal Way, Washington, has been named president of the International Bowling Pro Shop & Instructors Association, the organization announced this week. The appointment comes after Nebraska’s Dwyane DaMoude stepped down. DaMoude had been IBPSIA’s president since 2020. Somoff is an IBPSIA Master Instructor and USBC Gold […]

SBMA Employee Health Benefits Now Available to IBPSIA Members

Employee Health Benefits Now Available to IBPSIA Members Arlington, TX – The International Bowling Pro Shop & Instructors Association is pleased to announce a new partnership with SBMA (Staff Benefits Management & Administrators) to provide health and welfare benefits for all IBPSIA members. As the health insurance market continues to contract and medical costs continue […]

2022 PWBA Hall Of Fame

ADDISON, Ill. – The Professional Women’s Bowling Association added two new classes of inductees to its hall of fame Wednesday night at the Chicago Marriott Oak Brook hotel. The 2020 class began the festivities, as Pam Buckner of Reno, Nevada, and Carolyn Dorin-Ballard of Keller, Texas, were inducted in the Performance category. Australia’s Carol Gianotti […]

USBC Introduces New Center Inspection and Certification Program Featuring Ace Tool

LAS VEGAS – The United States Bowling Congress introduced new details for a tiered center certification program and unveiled a data-collecting tool for center inspections at the USBC Convention and Annual Meeting on Thursday. “After several years of data collection and analysis, and multiple discussions with industry stakeholders, it was determined that a new process […]

Entry Angle: Part 2

Figuring out your optimum entry angle; start with the right equationIn the last issue, I discussed the importance of entry angle and how USBC testing has shown that six degrees is the optimum angle of entry into the strike pocket. We looked at two charts, one showing six degrees versus four and two degrees and […]

Entry Angle: Part 3

USBC research shows where your ball should be to achieve the best angle The first two articles of this three-part series included a discussion of how United States Bowling Congress testing has shown that six degrees is the optimum angle of entry into the strike pocket. In the previous article, we discussed the equation of […]

Are you Drilling for your Customer’s Style?

So you know the drill… …your customer asks for the strongest drilling angle, you max it out with a leveraged pin angle and some drilling angle degree this by that. Does it work in the bowler’s best interest based off of their PAP distance? Are you combining the fact that the bowler may be of […]

Entry Angle: Part 1

The angle at which a bowling ball enters the strike pocket plays an enormous role in strike percentage, pin carry and, therefore in a bowler’s average.