International Bowling Pro Shop & Instructors Association​

IBPSIA Pro Shop Locator

IBPSIA Pro Shop Locator is a tool that helps you find the nearest bowling pro shop in your area. The IBPSIA (International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association) is the premier bowling organization that specializes in developing, training, and certifying bowling professionals.

This tool is especially useful if you are new to bowling or if you are looking for a trusted pro shop to purchase your new equipment or get your current equipment serviced. You simply enter your location, and the Pro Shop Locator will give you a list of the closest pro shops based on distance.

The Pro Shop Locator also provides information about the pro shops, such as hours of operation, phone numbers, and services offered. This makes it easy for you to compare and choose the one that best meets your needs.

Overall, the IBPSIA Pro Shop Locator is a convenient and reliable resource for finding a quality pro shop near you.

Exclusively For Locating IBPSIA Pro Shop Members Only​