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A View From The Deck

“Training” or “to train” is a word that not many of us understand. For most of us training may be just to go and practice at the center and roll a few games, make some creative spares and almost always work on the perfect strike ball.

For the elite athletes of this world training takes on a different meaning with conditioning and preparation. An Olympic athlete learns to condition the mind and body and perfect a perfect machine.

To train the very best you have to give the best training possible to the athlete. Being at the USA Olympic training center for all sports brings out the very best creativity that any coach could possibly utilize or have. Training for bowling takes on different ideas shared by other sports. Athletes, coaches, trainers and sports medicine advisors share ideas amongst other sports for reference and help. Goal setting, mental strength tactics, creative warm-ups, flexibility training, diet –health management is some of the tools needed to create the Super Athlete.

These tools are incorporated into the training camp for our Jr. Elite team. The coaches tapped into this great resource and were shared ideas amongst all the staff. From the start of the camp till the end physical bodies were manipulated to create stronger free formed, bowlers. “The new age of bowling is upon us” as evident by the successes of the two handed bowlers around the world. Old ideas in physical style were quickly changed and new physical movement was adopted.

The US teams of bowlers have worked with other coaches in the past that have guided their current physical game to its current state. But this group was ready for something else that would propel them to the next level. These bowlers were inspired by the athletes that roamed the grounds, Rulon Gardner (Wrestling Gold medalist) Michael Phelps (Swimming) and many others.

Head Coach Rod Ross guided the team of coaches to train the national elite in the standards only fit for the US Olympic team. Drills were created to test their versatility. Video software and Digitrax analysis was used to measure their strengths and a plan for conditioning for success was create. The coaching staff created speeches on other topics from advanced lane Play, lane pattern theory, Ball motion concepts, sport bowling arsenal preparation and nutrition management.

The bowlers loved every part of the training experience and welcomed any changes as they knew they would only become stronger mentally and physically.

Daily balanced meals were created by the staff at USOC for specific athletes. These same meals give the vital nutrients needed to undergo daily workout regiment for many different sports at high altitude training. The Gourmet meals were all very tasty and nutritious. For those of us who are not accustomed to this high altitude setting subtle changes in physical stamina was noted. The medical supplies are never far from sight.

As a coach visiting and helping to train these athletes’ one thing comes to mind, the very best in conditioning should always include specific plans that must be adhered to. “No sacrifice is ever too big to reach your goals and dreams”.

(Author Unknown)