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Dear IBPSIA Member,


It comes with great honor to accept the position as your new IBPSIA President.  I am eager to make a positive contribution to our organization by bringing more benefits and education to our members.  I look forward to working with our group to create a more unified voice in bowling allowing all of us to succeed. 


Bowling in general seems to be in a better place than it was a few years ago and this is a good thing for us.  The PBA is showing its highest TV ratings in years.  Over the last three weeks the PBA has been near the top of the list of sports airing on cable TV.  Not only are these shows holding their own against other sports, but the viewership is way up over past years.  More people watching bowling means more customers in our pro shops.  Our IBPSIA Xtra Frame program is a prime example of what we can offer to our members and helps bridge the gap between the PBA and IBPSIA.  Every IBPSIA member needs to take advantage of this program to better your pro shop and bring in more revenue to your shop.


Education is a primary factor for being an IBPSIA member.  We realize it is very expensive to seek education away from home for several days so we are working on programs that will be more affordable to you.  Stay tuned for education updates as we move forward.


Thank you for choosing to be an IBPSIA member and for striving to be the best at your profession.  You also realize that knowledge is key, and being part of a group is more valuable than being a single coach or operator.  The power of many will always be stronger than the power of few.  We have wonderful interaction on our member Facebook page, so if you have any pro shop questions please ask them as we have many knowledgeable pro shop operators and coaches that love to help each other out.  


Lastly this is IBPSIA’s 25th year anniversary and we have a few tricks up our sleeve, so stay tuned and get ready for an exciting year to be an IBPSIA member.


Thank you for being a part of our great organization.  


Better Bowling through Better Technology


Russ Wilson

IBPSIA President

Pro Shop Manager

Jayhawk Bowling Supply