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All brands must be in membership to participate in offering specials to our members.

Associate Membership (able to extend offers to IBPSIA members)

All Associate Members will be listed on the IBPSIA Website. Your logo will be a direct link to your website, so it is imperative that we have the latest logo.

All Associate Member ball manufacturers will be able to participate in the ball seed program that we offer our members Associate Membership: Companies or firms that furnish goods/services to pro shops and/or instructors/coaches.

All Associate Members will have the ability to offer specials in our Membership brochure. We must have the information for specials or discounts by November 30th to be included in the brochure

All Associate Members have the ability to offer specials through our weekly Net News

All Associate Members can promote new releases or updates about their company through our weekly Net News

All Associate Members who provide an approved IBPSIA educational class has the ability to promote their classes through our weekly Net News

All Associate Members once a year will have access to the current year’s IBPSIA membership base mailing list

Annual membership is from January 1 through December 31st. Renewal notices will be sent by mail in October with payment due date of January 1. - Rev. 9/2014